A training logbook for all people who want to change and become a new person a little bit every day. Our objective is simple: “To support you in your desire for change, and to make you aware of all the progress made on the way. »

Why use a paper journal?

This is not an ordinary logbook, it will not only be used to track your WODs. MyLogWOD allows you to track your WODs as much as your physical progress, as well as to push your mind forward!

Did you know that writing with a paper and a pencil allows you to:

  • Combine all your 5 senses.
  • This allows the brain to pause for a moment and better analyze the situation.
  • Improve your breathing.
  • Reduce your blood pressure.
  • Handwriting activates more brain capacities, such as thinking, language, memory and motor skills. We learn to perceive and distinguish letters better when we write by hand. Handwriting helps to remember. It probably also helps to increase reading skills.
  • Handwriting is a very complicated neuromotor operation, in which a large number of muscles are used by the brain via the nervous system. Do a PR of the brain;).
  • Handwriting creates a memory in the brain. Brain scans show more activity in people who write letters than in those who see them. Cursive writing stimulates brain synchronicity.
  • Several studies have shown that students who take notes by hand integrate the lesson better and perform better. There are few motor skills that connect the body and the brain as intimately as handwriting.
  • The motor skills required for writing, combined with short and long-term memory and language acquisition, have benefits for brain development that few other activities can match.

It is for these few reasons that we developed the MyLogWOD method around a paper logbook.

Here are two articles from ®CrossFit Journal that explain how important it is to record your results in order to progress.

And an article from the box ®CrossFit North Harbour that explains the power of a log book, it’s magical to say the least).

Having your training book at your side allows you to have maximum concentration. When you train, you give everything you have, no disruptive element should prevent you from doing your WOD correctly. You will be able to answer your coach’s famous question “so what is your RM (Maximum Repetition) on this or that movement…?  “You will give yourself the means to work with the appropriate loads to move forward and progress.

You will also have all the appropriate tools to reach to perform, surpass yourself and improve your state of mind and a maximum of time following your training to access your supplements online.