CrossFiter & CO-AUTHOR

Athlete for more than 4 years, the CrossFit® has allowed me to rediscover sports, my body and Take control of my health. All this while starting a personal development work. The revival of studies over a long cycle, made me discover a lot of things, first of all about myself, but also about change… MyLogWOD is the result of an important work with a goal, to succeed in one’ s own change under different aspects: physical, but not only: health, personal projects, family, etc…. Perhaps tomorrow, success will also be yours!

CrossFiter & CO-AUTHOR

An athlete for more than 4 years, the CrossFit® has made me realize how much we underestimate ourselves on a daily basis. My heart was racing before the beginning of each WOD and my thought was “will I get there it seems impossible, too hard, I’m going to endure so much…” Then day after day the WODs followed, I was more and more confident and proud to have finished the WODs, and my state of mind made a backflip. I thought to myself, “How can we make everyone realize that we are capable of much more, we are so self-limiting. How do we share this state of mind, this pleasure of success against ourselves, against these exhausting and negative thoughts that have never helped.” The answer, a training logbook that guides you on a daily basis towards an ultra positive state of mind.