I got the wrong mailing address when I placed my order, what should I do?

1 – Contact us quickly via Facebook to see if we have shipped the order. If it is not yet shipped, we will change the address.

If the order has already left, we will have to wait for the return of the order to send it back to you. We do not charge you for the return, but know that it costs us 5 more euros….

However, if we have to send you the order back a 3rd time we will ask you to pay the shipping costs equivalent to your initial order, and then we will resend the order to you.

2 – Change your delivery address and if necessary billing in the my account section

How long does a logbook last?

It all depends on the logbook you have chosen; the MYLOGWOD logbook is for a period of 6 months, the MYLOGWOD Elite is for a period of 1 year.

Do the logbooks evolve?

We make every effort before each reprint to obtain the opinions of all the logbook users in order to improve them each time. Our MYLOGWOD logbooks are now the athletes’ reference logbook.

Can't login to your account?

Please click on the link Forgotten password.

You like our logbooks and you want to tell us?

First of all, thank you, we are very happy. You can leave us an opinion on our Facebook page, you can also talk about it around you, your coach, your box and all your WOD partners, but also you can tag us on Instagram with @mylogwod #mylogwod